Imagine a practitioner who sees symptoms as parts of a whole picture, even when it seems as though it’s just a physical issue -- back pain, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, trouble with your shoulder or elbow -- and who endeavors to understand the relationships between things.

Imagine a practitioner who is open and curious about the deeper issue or spiritual work related to what is going on in your body and asks you about it, when other approaches may not have been as beneficial as you’d hoped.

Imagine a practitioner who supports you and perhaps everyone in your family, from babies to grandparents, in noticing and processing how it feels and what it means, especially when it’s a profound experience – pregnancy, cancer treatment, dying, illness.

I can serve you as that practitioner...


y work is relational and responsive to what you need and are presenting. Sometimes I treat people physically, working with their musculoskeletal system. Other times the work may be more subtle, using touch to relate with their emotional or energy system. In other instances, we work in conversation to explore, uncover, and meet what’s going on at a deeper level.

I work with people called to engage on multiple levels to deeply address what’s going on in their lives and health.  I originally trained as a chiropractor in 1994 at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, the principal centre for chiropractic training in Europe. Over time my private practice has deepened to include energy medicine and spiritual work.

I see local patients at my studio in Cambridgeshire and also work with people around the world via Zoom.

Seeking Accompaniment...


f you have been looking for accompaniment on your journey and have the sense that I may be of service, the first step is to schedule an initial consultation. Typically this paid session lasts about an hour. To set up your initial consultation, please call my message service at 0870 432 5464 or fill out a request form here and I shall get back to you.

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